" The limits of my language meansthe limits of my world"

— Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher (1889 ~ 1951)


drawing and writing

As an artist: I want to capture a moment from what I experience and encounter in life. My form of expression is based on language. As language is the base of our thoughts, the way I like to state it:
“The words we know define how we think.”


creating and making

My work is an attempt to show you the ambiguity of my thinking. In the right hand there is handcrafted ink artwork. And in the left hand you’ll see my struggle to use code and machine to produce artwork.


experiencing and reflecting

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    The words we know define how we think.

    — Kevin Philip, maker & artist

    “ If you want to be a grocer, or a general, or a politician, or a judge, you will invariably become it; that is your punishment. If you never know what you want to be, if you live what some might call the dynamic life but. What I will call the artistic life, if each day you are unsure of who you are and what you know you will never become anything, and that is your reward. ”

    — Oscar Wilde, author (1854 ~ 1900)

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