Our Story

To shuffle, play, wear

In 2017 Being Anything was created from our passion for playing cards, magic and card games. From our base in the Netherlands, we are shuffling and dealing our products worldwide. We stand for beautiful designs on products we would wear and use ourselves. Proud as we are we wear our t-shirts every day.

"Being Anything" is dealing the first
card after a shuffle.

In the future we want to expand to a variety of products from playing cards to wearables. If you want to be the first to know sign up for our newsletter called 'The Stack’.


As an entrepreneurs and designers we are always looking for opportunities to make our work more sustainable (and hopefully a little bit of the world). One thing we are trying out right now is print on demand, instead of having a large stock produced and not knowing what will be sold. The big downside is not being able to ship very fast. So we hope for your patience.